FAQ's & Affiliates


Q: How much is postage?

Ans: All orders are with free delivery .You can also put the stickers on your wheelie bins to educate passers by and the neighbours).

Q: Removing stickers safely. Will the stickers damage the paint on the car?

Ans: No, The stickers can be removed and area cleaned in a few minutes with a hairdryer or WD40. We have some links to instructional youtube videos. Now you can place a new one with a different message to carry on educating and sharing new information of value to you.

How Do I Remove Stickers From My Car (using hair dryer).

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker with WD-40 .



Q:Are you promoting any particular people or organisations with the websites on the stickers?

Ans:The sites used are popular and have been and have valuable information or resources and ideally is the beginning of the journey for people to start their research and due diligence. We will normally have more than one website as it add credibility to the subject matter of the message.

Q: Can I photocopy a sign and use it elsewhere?

Ans: You can download/save the image for free if you wish to distribute it as a flyer in schools, local areas or use it as a cheap bumper sticker. All we ask is do not amend any text so you distribute it as it is. How good is that?

If you value our work and feel generous there is a category to donate 4.00 ( add more quantity to increase donation) to help us keep going. You can down load the sticker also and print it as a flyer to hand out. How good is that?

Q:How can I support you and the work, can I donate?

We would love you to buy the stickers as gifts for others to keep sharing the messages however when you run out of 'freedom friends', yes, you can donate too. If you value our work and feel generous there is a category to donate £3.00 (add more quantity to increase donation) to help us keep going. You can download/save the jpeg of the sticker also and print it as a flyer to hand out. How good is that?

Q:Are you a for profit business or a non profit?

We are a social enterprise. We believe in a mix of being entreprenuerial , bringing value and being socially responsible and giving back a proportion of our profit. We aim at giving or using 10-15% of our profit for the freedom cause and support good groups. (some of the websites used on the stickers). This inspires people to do their best, be creative and most of all work to get results! It's about results. We all have to make a living.

Q:I'm worried someone will damage my car because of the message, what do you recommend?

This is a concern sometimes. If someone tries to peel it off, the purpose of the sticker is working. But they will not come of so easily. My experrience is they will leave out of frustration or fear of getting caught.

1) You can stick it on the glass if you are concerned about paint.
2)You can use it on your wheelie bin, which is not a concern for damage. 3)You can opt for another message such as common law which will still related to freedom.

Affiliate Scheme

Hello affiliate,

Do you have an audience of more than 5000?

Welcome to the affiliate marketing centre and terms of service page for FreedomBumperstickers.com. The bigger goal is reversing indoctrination through mass messaging. Freedom is not free as we know. The job of winning freedoms cannot be done by spending zero money on advertising/campaigning. More to the point, the movement has under utilised a professional approach to the problem and scaling simple activities that leverage things like the car for 24/7 eyeballs. You may very well be amazed at how much traffic is available and how well it converts.


In order to become an affiliate you'll have to get in touch via info@freedombumperstickers.com to request joining the affiliate scheme.. After you've done this, we will send you a link to a website to sign up to that helps track the affiliate scheme and sales and give you a unique code/link to use that you can send to your followers.

We will automatically credit your account 30% commission for all initial sales of FreedomBumperSticker products that use the link/promo code. Our products have production costs associated. Our average customer spend is £10.00/customer. We fulfill stickers physically. What if we can win back our freedoms by un-indoctrinating the masses for only £15-£20?

*Attention Media Buyers: contact us for higher commission.

FreedomBumperStickers is the exclusive retailer of this product. Therefore, in order to promote this product you must become an affiliate:

We only partner with groups/influencers with audiences of 5000 or more. Please email us if you have less than 5000 with your circumstances and details of reach to audiences so we can assess if we are a good fit for each other.

It's very important you understand you are acting as an affiliate for FreedomBumperStickers and therefore must adhere to all of terms and conditions.

NOTICE: All Affiliate advertising must NOT include any content that is deceptive, misleading, untruthful, unsubstantiated, or otherwise fails to comply with regulations and guidelines.

Affiliates may also not run ads on Google Adwords (or any Google property), bid on " Freedom Bumper stickers" based keywords, use the term " Freedom Bumper Stickers" in any pay per click ads, use any terminology in ads or landing pages that are similar to "scam" or "fraud," or create customer incentives for purchasing on alternative pages.