15 Reasons Why The Freedom Movement Has Not Been Successful(and Solutions for a Fighting Chance)

Posted by Yogi Kansagra on 20th Feb 2023

15 Reasons Why The Freedom Movement Has Not Been Successful(and Solutions for a Fighting Chance)

Dear Sincere Truth Warrior,


People say to me ‘we are not failing’. I reply by saying “Did we stop the jab rollout to the under 40’s/50’s or children?”. This applies to other issues too.

We know it’s been a hard time with this battle-vaccines, masks, fluoride and more etc. Would you agree?

Thank you sincerely for everything you have done over the last two years. From our standpoint we are really trying to protect oursafety when we fight for medical freedom. It’s with hope that we write this proposal. How do we get meaningful results?

Imagine March 2020…

  1. What if we had a billion pounds?
  2. Or even “just” £500m?
  3. Or £100m? Maybe £10m?

Would it have made a difference to actions? Could this or other narratives have taken hold?

How many doctors, nurses and care home staff would we have saved from the jabs had we preempted the right information, in the right way to arm them with before the dreaded vax and passports?

I don't know about you but I see that we are out-gunned, intellectually/skillswise, organisationally and resource-wise.No?

If we carry on this way, we will lose on each issue or at the very least have a hard slog to get results if any.

If the individuals or group efforts in the movement went on Dragons Den to present their ideas on how to overcome the WEF/NWO, which people, plan or initiative would they back? Interesting question.

We have identified some crucial gaps within the efforts of the movement. You may or may not agree.

The Freedom Movement’s Failures:

  1. Where is the warchest(peace-chest in our case)? It’s naive people think liberty is free and won’t cost, especially in these circumstances. How do people expect to get results? Money is energy and value. We are endlessly on the back foot and reactive loop of fundraising and average actions. You name it, there is an unsuccessful legal challenge and/or fundraising campaign for it. A ‘peace chest could consist of:
    1. Legal fund
    2. Medical fund - still no unvaccinated blood bank,GP or hospital? Where would we go if you had an accident and needed a blood transfusion?
    3. Campaigning fund
    4. Awareness/outreach fund
    5. Supporting whistleblowers/doctors speaking out(or other good organisations)
  2. We rely on well meaning yet time & money poor volunteers. How far can that get us?
  3. Most of the freedom movement’ leaders’ are idealists that don’t acknowledge resources and organisation are important (Love and hugs are all we need - brigade) and want people to do things as a charity rather than focus on results which the otherside does. Is Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab or Pfizer acting charitable and living on meditation and hugs? Is their success based on this or practical actions? Is this ‘we don’t need money(energy)’ the same kind of virtue signalling as the mask wearers and jabbed? Are we cutting off our nose to spite our face?
  4. Underestimating the organised nature of the opponents, what they control, their plans and their resources- army, police, media, captured organisations etc
  5. Lack of a ‘business like’ problem solving approach so actions carried out are not the ‘right actions’:
    1. Not working to get results
    2. No accountablility for freedom organisations also e.g. protests have become no more than window shopping on Oxford Street
    3. What is the Return on Investment? Waste of resources? £20-30 spent on average by thousands for what results?
    4. Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result
  6. Lack of marketing understanding - leveraging & scaling - A million ideas executed averagely?
  7. Lack of knowing the real weak points in the narrative:
    1. The fraud only works as “vaccines” have been put on a pedestal and led to multi- generational indoctrination (since the 1950s). Read the book Dissolvingillusions.com -Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Suzzane Humphries MD. I would add , you cannot solve this problem without knowing this information.
    2. It is not uncommon to hear falsehoods like “vaccines saved us from polio” and “vaccines are one of science’s greatest achievements”
    3. Some have called it ‘mass psychosis formation’. To us, it's vacc-indoctrination, ‘science is great’ and ‘for the greater good’ group think which had both camps wanting safety from the jab or no jab in our case as we know a contrarian view of science. We got pitted against each other for the same thing-safety. Then let egos defend the default position. Interesting?
  8. The authorities have goodwill built over the last 60-70 years due to scientific and social progress. They have the majority's attention through their controlled media, obedience, respect and trust of the system on some level even with it’s imperfections. The freedom movement has no such power and struggles to enrol the masses or even the people within the movement to take the necessary actions.
  9. Video and commentary have achieved awareness which was needed at the beginning however is it enough without step by step plans and a clear roadmap? It appears they have become entertainment. If they were part of a wider strategy then it may hold more value.
  10. The movement is constantly being infiltrated by controlled opposition or directed by well meaning yet ineffective initiatives. The opponents are very effective with the Divide and Conquer strategy and having people go around in circles reinventing the wheel. The ‘awakened sheep’ have still been contained in their side of the farm.
  11. No Plan A and if that doesn’t work ? No Plan B, if that doesn’t work, No Plan C etc. No contingencies
  12. Many leaders in the movement are advocating going “off grid” and starting a parallel system. Is this as realistic as it is made out to be?
    1. Whoever controls your food / water/energy supply directly or indirectly controls you and your behaviour!
    2. If you cannot defend yourself physically, you could fall sooner or later - Might is right. It could be the ‘might of information’ against us.
  13. Many membership organisations were created in the last 2 years. Most of them embody the principle of Global & Local. Proliferation of membership organisations weakens each organisation especially if there is no plan. This does not necessarily protect us from CBDC, food shortages, control grid on the wider level etc.
  14. The fundamentals of mass outreach and gaining eyeballs(people who see effective messaging) on low budget have been neglected even to this day.
    1. Leaflets through every door (30 million households)
    2. Bumper stickers (on vehicles and wheelie bins),
    3. Badges with important messages
    4. Mobile billboards (people & vehicles)
  15. Lack of trust:
    1. We learnt to mistrust everyone-because many are good at creating noise but not presenting real strategies and solutions.
    2. The movement struggles to gain trust because of Divide & Conquer and the rule of fear
    3. We need to introduce a reliable method of disseminating trusted and verified information
    4. Do the freedom groups have any accountability to anyone to get results and for the money they receive in donations? Can you get results without accountability in any organisation?

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” - Bob Marley going on stage after being shot the day before

‘IF WE DON’T SCALE, WE FAIL’- What if we did things the way they do them?

  1. How should we reverse engineer a month by month blueprint for results?
  2. What resources are required?
  3. What if a leaflet with the right messaging and sign-posting had been distributed in October/November 2020 to all 30 million households? Or even if the Lightpaper had been put through? Would that have made a difference to scaling the movement quickly and reducing the impact on the narrative before the jab rollout?

Actions: Information Campaign To Neuter The Power Of Narratives

  1. Distribute a “Did you know?” and “What if…” leaflet/booklet on vaccines to 25-30 Million Households. Other topics to include are common law, human rights information, fluoride, climate change, health etc.

Targeting all households would mean getting it to everyone including politicians, 30,000 local councillors, 200,000 police, 100,000 army, teachers, 280,000 doctors, lawyers, employers, airlines, airport staff, etc. No one is missed out.

  1. Banners on all roads to London: A1, A2 , A3, A4, A5, A6 A406, A205, M1, M25, etc, for 1-2 weeks (or longer if affordable), 10-14 hours a day. Target the low hanging fruit London/South East so when you need numbers for protests it’s easier to gather people from the south (minimal travel).
  2. Repeat in other large towns. Maximum eyeballs for the cost. Project cost approx £100,000 if all 100 participants(temp staff) are paid at £10/hr. Or could use 100 volunteers? Can you mobilise enough motivated volunteers to get the job done?
  3. Co-ordinated, Sunday Facebook/Insta banner bomb/story bomb. 2-3 million people share the same message simultaneously weekly. If 20--30 of your friends saw this, it is the equivalent of a weekly letter drop through the country.
  4. Cancel small protests and save the energy and resources for a mega rally of 2-4 million. Market the rallies offline which is not done at all currently. Why is this not done or considered? Interesting right?
  5. If we do a rally, how about a million people going into the underground stations with their signs for 2 hours after two hours of rallying?
  6. Be more data driven on marketing/reverse messaging to counter the narrative
  7. Everyone wears an identifying badge with a medical freedom message or human rights. Always signpost people to a website. Some badges may be branded.
  8. Hire/buy mobile video advertising vans to play vaccine documentaries outside the BMJ, GMC and National Education Union, Scotland Yard, Downing Street, Parliament
  9. Pre-empt other narratives before they take hold in the public mind by campaigning on scale in advance of ‘marburg’ etc. It’s too late to impact, if the media are the ones setting the agenda.

Step 1: An App for Call to Actions and Communication on scale-Use technology in our favour while we can

  1. Get all freedom people on a platform/app (e.g. Freedomtribe app or create another if there is an objection to), so that Call To Actions such as petitions, letters to MPs, GPs can be done in lockstep action. Not just in thousands (which is not enough), but at least hundreds of thousands and millions.See this from 2014: Harry Vox on lockstep
  2. Do or Donate. Ask people to subscribe/donate to the app £10 each to raise funds or volunteer. There is value in the platform already, so they should see the sense in it and all the other outreach actions and goals that will take place. How many retired people are there who have time but lack resources? How many people work and could donate but don’t have the time to do things? Ask people to buy bumper stickers/badges. Is a target of 10,000 doers/week in London enough? Maybe. Logistics can be worked out.
  3. Make some role play training scripts videos/audios for upskilling people to improve communication with others
  4. Target organisations and relevant professionals with the information through the volunteer army- not just in thousands but a million or two. Examples for content to disseminate to organisations,GP’s :
    1. Mark Sexton & the Crime Investigation, Worldcouncilforhealth.org info

Step 2: Bumper Stickers (and badges) : un-indoctrination is a generation long campaign

  1. They are simple and EFFECTIVE when done correctly and can sign post people
  2. They will be seen by all key audiences (politicians, thought leaders, police, army, medical, teachers, council staff etc)
  3. They are offline messaging (SM is not enough due to censorship/algorithms)
  4. Anyone can use them so can be SCALED easily
  5. They are relatively cheap and save people time from having to speak endlessly to others about the message
  6. They are non-confrontational
  7. It becomes an advertising campaign when done on SCALE (a million+) for maximum impact and can put spanners in the machine and neuter power. A few people doing it are just isolated eccentric voices to be dismissed as conspiracy theorists.
  8. They have the potential to create a brand new political awareness and shift the conversation quicker when done on SCALE.
  9. Attack is the best form of defence-preempt narratives to neuter their effect
  10. They are decentralised and on private property - the authorities can’t target all cars/wheelie bins/badges to censor them
  11. They can help raise funds also if you ask people to buy them and get millions to do it and they get something of practical value and easy to do.

Other actions :Target audience-some of these things may feel less relevant as in Nov 2022 things have eased.

  1. Police-How about a leaflet targeted to them specifically?
  2. Army and reserves (Delegate of Doctors/Lawyers needs to speak to management)
  3. Airlines, Airports and Travel (Delegate of Doctors/Lawyers needed to speak to airline management)
  4. Doctors and GPs -10,000 surgeries in UK . Send The Doctor’s Dilemma by Dr. Jayne Donegan. Very good easy, thought provoking read.
  5. Employers (People need to pluck up the courage and give information to managers, directors)
  6. Students and Youth, Universities (Delegate of Doctors/Lawyers needs to speak to sabbatical officers)
  7. London Tube - target commuters on masks
  8. International Embassies

Successful mass marketing/passive marketing is about the number of ‘eyeballs’- how many people see the message as well as the message itself.

Distribution is everything! Without this even the best message will be unheard and unseen. Leveraging the car/wheelie bins bypasses the online censorship issues. The messages are shared multiple times daily without the need to speak to individuals, seeping into the consciousness of your neighbours and making pennies drop and getting people to the sign posted info.

The mask, testing and vaccine narrative has not ended and, regardless, there is more work to be done un-indoctrinating people to widen our radius of safety in the long run by having more people understand what is happening. It is imperative that we empower people with messages of law/common law and human rights. We want to focus on breaking the falsehood of the “vaccines saved us from polio” sales pitch and similarly challenge other things like man made climate change, trans-agenda.

There are more ‘vaccines’ planned for cancer and other health conditions.

In sport and business there is a question with only one correct answer:

Question: What should you do to succeed?

Some might say work hard 40-50 hours/week, do advertising, gain knowledge, go on a course, have a business plan, get advice etc.

Correct Answer is: Do whatever it takes!

More eyeballs in the longer summer months. Passive advertising works. Companies use it all the time. What do they look like? High quality, waterproof vinyl that last months. You could even do a lockstep synchronised monthly campaign for different messages.

Watch the video on the website

Will you join a more organised effort to win back and maintain our freedoms and safety by un-indoctrinating the masses? Do people appreciate it involves a small cost and cannot be done for free if we are to really be effective? Do we approach things differently or do we continue failing? What will you choose?

Lack of leadership, leaderful ideas or a good sales pitch ultimately leads to ineffective actions and results. Sometimes easy actions can be done by people leading themselves- get a couple of bumper stickers and badges.

We have some new stickers being produced against cashless,digital ID and climate change. You can pre-order them on www.freedombumperstickers.com . Join www.freedomtribe.net. Share with your audience, followers and friends.

Contact us to find out more and there is a volunteer link on the freedomtribe.net website.


Version 1 released 30 July 2022

Current version December 2022